Cool and Occasionally Useful Links

Needles and Sins
– Tattoo Couturé

Women’s eNews – I am featured as Journalist of the Month for November 2009.

k.i.s.s. of the panopticon – Dougie Bicket’s comprehensive and very handy cultural theory site

Powell’s Books – My favorite bookstore in the world

StandpointThe Easterner interviewed me early in 2009.

Edward Tufte’s web site – The genius behind The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. He’s just brilliant.

Skating on Thin Ice: Why Tonya Harding Could Never Be America’s Ice Princess – One of my early academic articles, available only through the generosity and magic that is the Wayback Machine. It enjoyed a resurgence of popularity with the 2014 Olympics — the 20th anniversary of the whack heard around the world.

International No-Diet Day – One of my two favorite holidays. The other is Menstrual Monday.

Guerilla Girls – re-inventing the “f” word (feminism)

Dogs Wearing Hats – no explanation needed

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